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The 26 Best Startups to Work for in 2018

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These are the best startups to work for in 2018, based on employee satisfaction ratings from Glassdoor and the company’s level of influence, as reported by Startup Ranking. We used this data to understand whICH companies focus on their employee satisfaction, no matter where they are on their journey. That's why we looked at Glassdoor reviews to assess office and corporate environment, while factoring in positive social buzz as measured by Startup Ranking.

These startups span a wide range of industries, from software and cybersecurity to hospitality and healthcare. Here you’ll find information about each startup’s location, industry and mission, along with some of the reasons why these companies are such great places to work.

This list will prove useful to people looking for startup jobs. It will also help jobseekers who are unsure how to distinguish between startups that truly treat their employees well in the ways that count the most, and those that merely talk about the trendy concept of employee wellness without executing on it. These rankings of the best startups to work for only include companies that have achieved an average rating of at least 3.5 out of 5 on Glassdoor, and whose practices reflect a commitment to making and keeping employees happy and fulfilled.

Best Startups to Work for Near Austin

The BHW Group

Location: Austin, TX

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 5.0

Startup Ranking Score: 44,334

Mission: The BHW Group designs and develops web and mobile applications for companies in a wide variety of industries, including higher education, healthcare, and retail.

Notable Facts: Named one of the Best Places to Work by the Austin Business Journal in both 2016 and 2017, the BHW Group treats its employees right. The company's 16 employees enjoy a casual work environment and a flat structure that allows for collaboration, creativity and innovation. Additionally, no employee is ever asked to work more than 40 hours per week at the BHW Group, and anyone who does so voluntarily is paid overtime.


Location: Austin, TX

Industry or Focus: Cybersecurity

Glassdoor Rating: 5.0

Startup Ranking Score: 34,932

Mission: Threatcare works with companies to build and maintain the cybersecurity policies and strategies that they need to streamline their operations and ensure compliance with cybersecurity laws.

Notable Facts: At Threatcare, diversity, inclusion and respect are of the utmost importance, and the company's comprehensive Code of Conduct ensures that these values are codified and carried out. Additionally, Threatcare's 14 employees benefit from the ability to work from home every Friday, flexible schedules, unlimited paid time off, reimbursement for mental health related expenses, full benefits, and generous stock options.


Location: Austin, TX

Industry or Focus: Customer Support

Glassdoor Rating: 4.6

Startup Ranking Score: 43,239

Mission: SupportNinja helps companies outsource many of their needs to a team of highly-trained specialists located in the Phillippines. These "ninjas" handle customer support, lead generation, data entry and more for a wide variety of startups, while employees in the Austin office manage the relationship, ensure quality control and maintain the platform that allows for easy global collaboration and communication.

Notable Facts: With 10 employees in its Austin office and hundreds more in the Phillipines, SupportNinja is an "employee focused" company. The values of humility, honesty and self-improvement guide day-to-day operations, and the company even employs a "Happiness Coordinator" to ensure that employees are feeling fulfilled at work.

Best Startups to Work for Near Boston

Help Scout

Location: Boston, MA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 5.0

Startup Ranking Score: 86,283

Mission: Help Scout's software enables compaines to serve their customers better. Team members can easily collaborate and assign tasks, send messages in bulk, and automate certain tasks to assist customers more quickly. With Help Scout, companies can build relationships with customers to earn their loyalty.

Notable Facts: Help Scout's 68 employees benefit from health and dental insurance for themselves and their families, reimbursement for professional development expenses, and company retirement contributions. Additionally, Help Scout allows its employees to work from anywhere in the world, while ensuring that they remain connected and collaborative.


Location: Boston, MA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.4

Startup Ranking Score: 70,134

Mission: ProfitWell's software solutions enable SaaS companies to develop the pricing strategy that will best help them grow and achieve their financial goals. SaaS companies can use ProfitWell to collect prospects' data, evaluate each prospect's value, and implement the changes that will have the biggest positive financial impact.

Notable Facts: ProfitWell's 42 employees consider themselves "some of the most passionate nerds in the world," and that means that curiosity, innovation and nuanced thinking are strongly encouraged at this cutting-edge company.


Location: Cambridge, MA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.6

Startup Ranking Score: 62,397

Mission: CareDash gives people the information they need to choose the healthcare provider that's right for them. With verified reviews of doctors, nurses, dentists, therapists, social workers and more, CareDash is ushering in a new era in healthcare in which patients are increasingly educated about their own medical care.

Notable Facts: CareDash is a diverse and dog-friendly office where the company's 24 employees receive catered lunches, unlimited vacation time, health, dental and life insurance, and ample opportunities for personal growth.

Best Startups to Work for Near Chicago

Sprout Social

Location: Chicago, IL

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.8

Startup Ranking Score: 88,564

Mission: Sprout Social empowers companies to make data-driven decisions when developing their social media marketing strategies. With Sprout Social, companies can grow their following and increase engagement, all while making social media management less time-consuming and more efficient than ever before.

Notable Facts: Sprout Social employes over 400 people, and they rated their company so highly on Glassdoor that it made Glassdoor's list of the Best Places to Work in 2017. It's easy to see why, as Sprout Social employees are offered generous parental leave, lots of opportunities for professional development, and a policy of open communication.

Tempesta Media

Location: Chicago, IL

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8

Startup Ranking Score: 41,480

Mission: With over 20,000 writers on its platform, Tempesta Media is a clear leader in the content marketing space. With Tempesta Media, companies in over 300 industries from manufacturing to healthcare can outsource their content needs and focus their in-house resources where they're needed most.

Notable Facts: Tempesta Media prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology, and that means that the company's work environment is entrepreneurial, fast-paced and intellectually stimulating. Creativity and innovation are prized at Tempesta Media, and the company's 10 employees are routinely encouraged to think outside the box.

Spark Hire

Location: Northbrook, IL

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8

Startup Ranking Score: 74,271

Mission: Spark Hire's video interviewing software enables companies to identify and hire qualified candidates in record time. Spark Hire helps recruiters compare candidates, collaborate internally to discuss potential hires, and ultimately hire the best person for the job.

Notable Facts: Health, dental and vision insurance, along with themed office events and frequent company outings, are just some of the perks reguarly enjoyed by Spark Hire's 30 employees. They also experience a casual office environemnt that is "friendly, supportive and inclusive," according to one employee.

Best Startups to Work for Near Denver


Location: Denver, CO

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.5

Startup Ranking Score: 84,371

Mission: SendGrid's software is a one-stop solution for all of a business's email needs, such as marketing emails, password reset emails, shipping updates and more. Companies like Uber, Glassdoor, Spotify, Airbnb and Yelp rely on this email delivery platform, and together they send 40 billion SendGrid emails every month.

Notable Facts: SendGrid has received ample praise for the way it treats its nearly 500 workers. The organization Great Place to Work recognized the company in 2017, and it was also named the second best place to work by Fortune in 2018. This reputation is well-deserved, as SendGrid employees receive free daily lunch, unlimited time off, equity, and an annual company-paid trip to a destination resort.

SemiDot InfoTech

Location: Boulder, CO

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 5.0

Startup Ranking Score: 38,058

Mission: SemiDot InfoTech develops web and mobile applications for companies like McDonald's and Levi's. SemiDot InfoTech works with its clients to create applications that turn great ideas into a reality.

Notable Facts: SemiDot InfoTech's 40 employees enjoy flexible work hours and the ability to work from home, as well as free snacks and frequent company outings.

Best Startups to Work for Near Los Angeles


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 3.7

Startup Ranking Score: 86,659

Mission: NationBuilder creates "software for leaders" that allows them to set up fundraisers and process donations, develop email marketing campaigns, and build websites to promote their cause. It's the tool of choice for organizations like Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders that are working tirelessly to make the world a better place.

Notable Facts: NationBuilder's 135 employees get to work together for a brighter future in which everyone can be a leader, and they do so while adhereing to six basic tenets, including "We serve all communities" and "We are humans, not robots."


Location: West Hollywood, CA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8

Startup Ranking Score: 87,336

Mission: Tinder is one of the world's most popular dating applications. The company has been bringing people together since 2012, and currently facilitates 1 million dates every week in over 190 countries.

Notable Facts: Working for Tinder means unlimited vacation time, equity in a global company, and flexible hours. Employees also get to be part of a uniquely passionate team of people who are committed to fulfilling Tinder's mission.


Location: Diamond Bar, CA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.2

Startup Ranking Score: 81,613

Mission: Liferay's software helps global enterprise companies like Hewlett-Packard and Volkswagon build websites that can serve all their customers around the world while still providing customized experiences to different users.

Notable Facts: With more than 800 employees in 22 locations, it's quite a challenge for Liferay to keep them all happy. The company does so by adhering to its five core tenets, which include "value people" and "lead by serving." The company also states that it strives to cultivate a culture of dignity in the workplace.

Best Startups to Work for Near New York


Location: Manhattan, New York City, NY

Industry or Focus: E-learning

Glassdoor Rating: 4.4

Startup Ranking Score: 87,422

Mission: Skillshare is on a mission to democratize education. The company's online library of over 22,000 classes makes the skills and expertise necessary to thrive in today's economy attainble for anyone who wants to learn them.

Notable Facts: Trust, transparency and a meritocracy of ideas are the core tenets behind all of the interactions that take place among Skillshare's 55 employees. Skillshare also believes in giving each employee ownership over whatever projects or initiatives they're working on, so no one is micromanaged or feels that their voice isn't heard.


Location: Manhattan, New York City, NY

Industry or Focus: Advertising

Glassdoor Rating: 3.9

Startup Ranking Score: 84,952

Mission: Taboola is a tool for native advertising that connects publications that display ads with the brands that create them, such as Nissan, Verizon and Expedia. With Taboola, publications can easily display content that their users will like and earn ad revenue, and brands can enjoy increased traffic to their websites. Readers also benefit – they gain exposure to new and interesting content that they might not have discovered otherwise.

Notable Facts: Discounted gym memberships, three weeks of paid vacation, and a fully-stocked kitchen are only some of the perks offered to Taboola's 650 employees. They also enjoy equity, frequent company parties, a culture that promotes employee health, and a fun, dynamic work environment.


Location: Manhattan, New York City, NY

Industry or Focus: Fintech

Glassdoor Rating: 4.4

Startup Ranking Score: 69,572

Mission: Payability provides financial services to small businesses that sell their products on online marketplaces such as Amazon. Payability's solutions help these businesses cope with the variability and uncertainty that they face as sellers in the 21st century.

Notable Facts: Payability has created a collaborative workplace culture that provides employees with ample opportunities for growth and professional development. Payability's 29 employees also receive subsidized health insurance, free snacks, and top-quality tools and equipment.

Best Startups to Work for Near San Francisco


Location: San Francisco, CA

Industry or Focus: Hospitality

Glassdoor Rating: 4.1

Startup Ranking Score: 93,355

Mission: Airbnb's mission is to make global travel affordable for everyone by connecting travelers with locals willing to host them in their homes or apartments. Guests and hosts alike are exposed to new experiences and make new friends along the way.

Notable Facts: Airbnb is one the Bay Area's top tech companies, and that means that it's committed to working hard to attract and keep the best talent. Airbnb's nearly 2,500 employees receive health insurance, compensation for hours spent volunteering, and a generous parental leave policy. They are also eligible to participate in the company's longstanding tradition of celebrating diversity by joining one of the company's many employee affinity groups, such as AirPride for LGBTQ employees, or Juntos for Latinx employees.


Location: San Francisco, CA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.7

Startup Ranking Score: 91,677

Mission: Slack is an online messaging platform that lets companies organize and streamline their internal communciations. With Slack, companies can bring employees together no matter where they're located to fulfill their goals.

Notable Facts: Slack's "core values" include empathy, courtesy, solidarity and playfulness, and these principles direct employees' everyday experiences at the company. They enjoy annual stipends for personal and professional development, health insurance for themselves and their families, perks like guest speakers and catered meals, and a genuine commitment to work-life balance.


Location: Mountain View, CA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.5

Startup Ranking Score: 91,970

Mission: Quora is a question-and-answer website that exists to facilitate the exchange of knowledge of all kinds and make it available to anyone who wants it. The platform gives people with experience and expertise a place to share it, and people with questions a place to get answers.

Notable Facts: The organization Great Place to Work named Quora the sixth best place to work in the Bay Area, and it's easy to see why. Out of 142 surveyed employees, 96 percent said that they enjoy coming to work every day, 97 percent said that they had great bosses, and 98 percent said that they enjoyed the work atmosphere at Quora.

Best Startups to Work for Near Seattle


Location: Seattle, WA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.0

Startup Ranking Score: 72,104

Mission: Zipwhip aims to revolutionize communication between businesses and their customers. With Zipwhip's technology, businesses can receive text messages from customers on their landlines, eliminating the need for voicemails and allowing customers to use the communcation channels that feel most natural to them.

Notable Facts: Zipwhip's 180 employees get to work in an office that was named a 2018 finalist in GeekWire's annual rankings of the "geekiest" office spaces. It's easy to see why - the Zipwhip office houses a rooftop patio and a putting green. Employees also enjoy free access to a fitness center, full benefits, free snacks, and a free catered lunch on Fridays.


Location: Kirkland, WA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.6

Startup Ranking Score: 66,187

Mission: Crelate makes fully customizable software for staffing and recruiting agencies that allows them to review and assess candidates more efficiently.

Notable Facts: Mentoring is of the utmost importance at Crelate, so the company's 14 employees receive frequent opportunities to learn from experts in their field and advance their skills. They also get the option to work from home and full benefits.


Location: Bellevue, WA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8

Startup Ranking Score: 74,082

Mission: Zenoti's software enables salons and spas to manage all aspects of their business. Appointments, billing, analytics, marketing, employees and inventory can all live on Zenoti's integrated platform, making the everyday work of running a salon or spa easier than ever before.

Notable Facts: Zenoti provides employees with a fun, relaxed work environment that encourages everyone to collaborate and do their best work. The company also places an emphasis on employee health and wellness, and offers in-office pilates, yoga and kickboxing classes.

Best Startups to Work for in the Southeast


Location: Atlanta, GA

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 5.0

Startup Ranking Score: 20,964

Mission: CharterUP empowers people in need of a charter bus to compare companies, rates and services and pick the option that's best for them.

Notable Facts: CharterUP employees become part of a team of passionate people who aren't afraid to take on a challenge. Additionally, with fewer than 50 employees, the CharterUP team is still small enough that everyone gets a say in the company's direction.

Auxano Global Services

Location: Greenville, SC

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.9

Startup Ranking Score: 30,608

Mission: Auxano Global Services is a web and mobile application development company that strives to expertly and affordably serve clients' needs and realize their ideas.

Notable Facts: At Auxano Global Services, senior managers support their employees and constantly enourage them to hone their skills. Employees who perform exceptionally well are also frequently recognized for their contributions.


Location: Durham, NC

Industry or Focus: Software

Glassdoor Rating: 4.2

Startup Ranking Score: 52,654

Mission: Adzerk produces APIs that enable websites and apps to test, place and promote content and ads in order to maximize revenue.

Notable Facts: Adzerk is committed to employee happiness, and has even developed an employee Bill of Rights. This document ensures that employees have the right to unlimited vacation time, health insurance for themselves and their families, generous parental leave, and the ability to work from home. Azerk's Durham office is also equipped with plenty of free snacks, a ping-pong table, and a massage chair.

How do I find a job at a startup?

Startups are often understaffed and operating on a shoestring budget, so they don’t have a lot of resources to devote to recruiting and posting jobs. That means that people hoping to find startup jobs will sometimes have to make the first move and submit an unsolicited application. If you’re looking for tech startup jobs, biotech startup jobs, or even remote startup jobs, don’t be afraid to send your resume out to lots of companies, even if they aren’t advertising any open positions. This is especially true of companies that have just secured a new round of funding - such companies are very likely to be hiring.